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Commonly asked questions

Will my website really be FREE if I don't receive a delivery within 48-72 hours after submitting the intake form?

Yes that is correct, for accountability! We're that serious about our team and earning your business. We'll refund you the payment for the website design if we don't deliver the first draft between 2-3 business days after submitting the project intake form.

How long does it take to have my website ready?

We believe in providing a FAST turnaround service, AT ALL TIMES. Expect your professional website finished within 48-72 hours. If we can't fulfill our promised turnaround, your website is Free! Time starts ticking after you submit the project intake form located on this page.

What if I want additional changes to my website?

You get 3 revisions with any website package you choose. Revisions must be submitted no more than 3 days after a delivery. We work fast on revisions and deliver a revised website in 24-48 hours. Once all 3 revisions are used up, additional changes will incur additional charges depending on the duration of implementing the new requested changes.